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Doubling your leadership decision making for a V.U.C.A world

Are you looking for…. 

  1. A new way of assessing and developing leadership capacity that corresponds to the increasing levels of complexity in the workplace driven by ongoing technological change.

  2. A succession planning tool for measuring an individual’s latent capacity to execute their next role based on the task demands and people managed and complexity of their performance in their current role.

  3. An approach and instrument statistically proven to double the amount of leadership development in a single year while also improving the effectiveness of subordinates and direct reports as well.

  4. An objective instrument that measures and develops a leader’s capacity to navigate complexity, be more innovative and agile, think strategically and finally help evolve an individual and team’s capacity to create high performance.

Understanding the Leadership Complexity Gap

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During the last 20 years, scholars and practitioners in many disciplines have identified a growing gap between the complexity of the workplace and the capabilities of leaders. This gap has contributed to what we refer to as a complexity crisis, in which leaders are forced repeatedly to make decisions without an adequate understanding of their ramifications. The LDMA was created primarily to help fill this gap, but is also used to learn more about the nature of the gap itself and its root causes. 

Created from the latest research in adult development at Harvard University and validated in highly complex and volatile environments by the United States intelligence community such as the CIA and NSA. The LDMA is the next generation in performance based leadership assessment to meet the increasing demands of global complexity.

About the Leadership Decision Making Assessment - LDMA

The LDMA (Leadership Decision-Making Assessment) is a learning tool that supports the development of leaders' decision-making skills. It presents a real-world workplace dilemma, followed by a series of questions that ask leaders to discuss the nature of the problem, describe solutions, compare these solutions, and describe an ideal decision-making process for similar situations.

The LDMA was originally used specifically as a leadership development tool, but now is finding remarkable success in the following applications:

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Transformational Change

  • Hiring and Recruitment

  • Leadership Program Architecture

  • Leadership Development

  • Workforce Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Talent Identification

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