Crafting next-practice leadership and organisational design in an increasingly uncertain world

I am a firm believer in the fact that how we currently develop and train leaders is simply not sufficient for the emerging complex market places of the future. Hence, I have spent the last 10 years travelling the world gathering of the latest leadership techniques and approaches to leadership development from some of the world's leading institutions.

My Approach


Every year I get the opportunity to work with extraordinary individuals, teams and organisations. These unique individuals posses a unique bravery, one that allows them to challenge the status quo, experiment, fail and unlimitedly learn completely new ways of working.

For each leader, team and organisation the journey is unique.

My approach is simple. I use the latest cutting edge techniques to develop the foundational skills of 21st Century organisational performance.

I combine genuine strategic thinking, innovation and collaboration to facilitate tangible shifts in all of my clients, no matter the industry. These shifts lead to immediate increases in organisational performance and value creation.

My Methodologies

My approach has been assembled by combining various approaches and methodologies from many of today’s most progressive global organisations.

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Qualifications & Paths Travelled

  • Accredited -  Hogan Profile (HPI, HDS, MVPI)

  • Accredited -  Level 1 & 2 Meta-coach

  • Certified - Leadership Maturity Profile 

  • Certified - Hogan Profile 

  • Certified - The Enneagram Personality Profile 

  • Certified- Level 1 Triathlon Coach 

  • Alumni at Pacific Integral - Graduate - Generating Transformative Change Program

  • Certified Scrum Master

  • Graduate Certificate Human Development (Harvard University)

  • Certified Integral Master Coach (Integral Coaching Canada)

  • Certified Integral Professional Coach (Integral Coaching Canada)

  • Diploma Executive Coaching - Life Coaching Institute of Australia

  • Accredited - Pattern Dynamics facilitator

  • Accredited - Pattern Dynamics Coach

  • Accredited - LECTICA Consultant (LDMA & LUSA)

  • X SCALE Business Agility practitioner