Clients I've helped to master complexity and their personal & organisational performance 


Pete is a superb coach if you wish to understand yourself better, and through this understanding become far more effective in life and far happier. Pete facilitates a shift in perspective by asking questions that help you confront yourself in a way that dramatically increases your flexibility. And flexibility is success. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete. Managing Director

For the last 6 months Pete Holliday has been a mentor to me in the realm of human development and potential. As a Coach in the early stages of my career, I really wanted to learn from someone who has been immersed in the field of human change for a long time and has a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and experience to share. With Pete I've found all of that and so much more.  What I've discovered working with Pete is how I can apply highly advanced, thoroughly researched and extensively tested models of human development to support my clients through a process of growth and transformation. Business Owner


Pete is a strategic thinker able to cut through to the very essence of complex issues and provide practical and ready to implement advice. His pragmatic and compassionate approach to helping his clients navigation the complexities of life, work and leadership is exceptional. I have experienced first hand his guiding hand as together we have shepherded my consulting studio towards being the go-to consulting studio for evolutionary leadership development in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. If you are seeking an Executive Coach and leadership development strategist able to evolve you and your organisation's leadership capacity towards more expansive, systemic and integrated ways of being, then Pete is the person to engage. CEO

I highly recommend Pete to anyone who is only interested in working with an expert in this field. Pete brings a presence and depth to his coaching practice which enables C-suite and senior leaders to create and implement the changes that matter within their organisations. Pete is a natural connector, sharing his knowledge and global connections in the pursuit of your highest individual, team and organisational development needs. Senior Manager

Peter has has got some great skills to look at a business from some unique perspectives which provides a more holistic view of the needs of an organisation. I enjoyed working with Peter to work with my own personal development goals. If you are looking for some fresh ideas that can be systematically delivered in your organisation then Peter is your man. Non Executive Director & Board Chairman

Many know enough to be convincing and it's tough to tell them apart. It's uncommon to find someone who knows what they're on about with the discernment and depth that Pete does. It's his ability to navigate with such passionate clarity and frank encouragement that makes the difference. Pete's a guy you'll want to see when you want someone to help you through the human side of complexity and change. Business Owner

I engaged Pete as my coach to explore with me what was next for me in my own development. Given I am a coach myself - I chose Pete because with his understanding of Integral Coaching, and because I felt that he could really challenge and awaken me to my potential.  It has been a delightful engagement. Pete is intuitive and thoughful, compassionate and honest (and ruthlessly caring) in his coaching with me. It has been a very valuable journey to date and one I intend to continue with Pete.  Pete also works with many of our clients - CEOs and Leaders - and the feedback from them has been terrific. The results even better.  CEO


Pete worked with me as an Integral coach for 9 months of 2010. Having previously retained coaches, I started out thinking I knew what our journey had in store; I could not have been more wrong. With an intuitive blend of the wisdom traditions and Integrally-informed methodologies, my professional 'sticking points', which we focussed on transcending have been thoroughly explored, resisted, and ultimately integrated in my new way of being. It's all in a day's work for Pete, who goes about everything he does with verve and refreshing candour. I look forward to our ongoing adventures together.  CEO & Board Chairman

Pete holds a deep wisdom matched with an uncanny ability to go straight to the heart of an issue, whilst paradoxically maintaining a lightness of touch and a wicked sense of humour. His comprehension of the many dimensions of human change is both deep and wide and his ability to apply this knowledge in design thinking across multiple systems an incredibly valuable asset for any organisation. I highly recommend both getting to know him and working with him if you have the chance. Senior Partner

I have had the privilege to not only connect with Pete but also to be coached by him as he gains his accreditation in Integral Coaching (Canada). I have worked with many coaches over the years and I can honestly say that Pete is a standout. Pete absolutely adopts the Integral Coaching philosophy of Coach as Client and listens so deeply that he often amazed me how he knew just the right button to push or the right question to ask at the right time. He courageously led me to places I had not been within myself before and developed Integral practices that have bought me a much greater self awareness. If you're interested in learning more about Integral Practice and Coaching, look know further than Pete. He is deeply knowledgeable in this work and is always ready to generously share it. He's a gift! Senior Manager 

I had the good fortune to be coached by Peter in April 2011. I found him to be a very caring person who had my interests very much to heart. His coaching was profound - he asked many questions which provoked a great deal of self actualisation within me - I learned things about myself that I never knew and benefitted greatly as a result of the new awareness. If any one has the good fortune to be coached by Peter, I am absolutely convinced that they will be pleasantly astounded by their results. Business Owner 

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