Fit for the Future Executive Coaching

Stand out from the crowd

Taking performance beyond the next level

It's about improving not only the quality of your own performance, but also the performance of those individuals, teams and structures that surround and support you; the organisation as a whole.

Being a successful senior leader or manager means seeing and understanding the entire organisational systems dynamic nature, while being able to unlock the critical roadblocks that lead to success.

My role as a coach is to foster your key capabilities to understand and manipulate the organisational system that surrounds you, while holding you deeply accountable to your commitments and goals.

The coaching space we share along the way allows you to leverage your strengths and transcend your weaknesses. Only through dedication, commitment and practice can the work we do together allow you to achieve new levels of performance and personal mastery.


  • Increased self-awareness of people, situations and organisational dynamics

  • Increased capacity for strategic and innovative thinking 

  • Increased capacity to deal with V.U.C.A (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)

  • Lead teams more effectively to delver effective on time performance and strategic execution

  • Greater internal stakeholder influence and collaboration 

  • Develop Organisational X-Ray Vision.  


My approach draws upon our deep and unique expertise in cutting-edge psychological, behavioural, physiological and developmental theory and practice. I combine these theoretical models and approaches with my personal experiences and insights gained from rigorous training and competing at elite levels in both triathlon and surfing; to help my clients achieve increased performance and real world outcomes. 


My Coaching methodology integrates with wisdom gained from over 10 years of leadership, coaching, facilitation and learning within a wide range of industries and complex organisational contexts. I have been trained in both the Meta-Coach training system and the rigorous 2 year global gold standard coaching program at Integral Coaching Canada. My coaching brings a unique set of world class capability and global knowledge to your disposal. 


My Individual Coaching programs progress through several distinct stages to ensure that the over all supporting structure is both flexible engaging. 

Standard 10 Session Program

  1. Introduction - We meet for 30mins in order to ensure a good client coach fit  

  2. Session 1 - Explore your current challenge & set your developmental objectives

  3. Session 2 - Debrief your leadership assessment (inclusive with your program) 

  4. Sessions 3 & 4 - Coaching sessions (60mins) 

  5. Session 5 - Mid-program review and adjustment 

  6. Sessions 8 & 9 - Coaching sessions (60mins) 

  7. Session 10 - Closing session, review and further development conversations and goal setting 

All of my coaching programs are supported by a comprehensive psychological assessment to generate new insights and to further inform both, the design and the accuracy of any coaching program that we co-create together. 


Applying the Measuring Stick

All of my clients take a vertical leadership assessment in order to inform their unique coaching programs design and development. To get the best results I use Lectica's Leadership Decision Making Assessment, designed and developed at Harvard University and validated by the CIA and NSA, to predict performance based leadership capacity. Click the links above or below for more information about the LDMA.

The LDMA is a world class leadership instrument dedicated to equipping leaders with the capability to generate effective future focused leadership capability

I typically work with individuals face-to-face and online (depending on your location) over the course of 15 sessions. Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in duration with an average of at least 2 sessions every 6 weeks. Prior to the seventh coaching session we schedule a longer meeting to discuss progress and to further refine our coaching goals and working relationship. On average, I work with clients for a duration of 8 - 10 sessions. Phone and Skype coaching is also available between scheduled face to face coaching sessions.


Excelling at various sports through out my life, has taught me one thing, there are good days, and there are bad days. Development is rarely, if ever, a smooth ride. Hence If you decide to engage with me in coaching, you can stop at any time. However, it is important that you commit to an initial program duration of at least 6 months.

In a modern world where we expect instant results, some things still take time, focus and commitment to realise their full value. Most clients gain pivotal results almost immediately but sustained and consistent effort in the form of daily and weekly practice, is crucial in obtaining your long term goals and developmental objectives. Nobody I have ever known has ever achieved elite fitness or performance by only engaging in an activity once. Mastery takes time. 


A range of support processes are included in each program and are completed by a client between coaching sessions, such as reading assignments, reflection periods, journalling protocols and behavioural practices along with specific developmental activities designed to address immediate challenges arising through the coaching program.