I see the same phenomenon everywhere I look. Our most trusted and important institutions – in business, healthcare, government, philanthropy – are struggling. They're confronted with the fact that the scale and bureaucracy that once created growth and stability have now become liabilities in an era of constant change.

I'm obsessed with assisting leaders, teams and organisations everywhere to upgrade their organisational operating system and adopt new principles of working. Principles that embody the future of work through: 

  • V.U.C.A Leadership (Vertical Development)

  • Transparency, Accountability and Mastery

  • Personal, Team and Organisational Agility

  • Collaboration, Innovation and Experimentation

  • Embracing, Navigating and Leveraging Technology 

 Recent White Papers

The 5 Stages of Organisational Innovation

The 5 Stages of Organisational Innovation

The Fit For The Future Framework

The Fit For The Future Framework

I help organisations suffering disruption become Fit For the Future by:






I utilise leadership, team and culture approaches currently in use by some of the worlds most progressive and high performing organisations like:

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Coming soon in 2017

RELEVANT - An executive's guide to creating organisations fit for the future.

Featuring a...

  • Comprehensive fit for the future organisational framework. 

  • Set of highly adaptive practices for creating modern agile and innovative organisations.

  • Guide for enabling organisations to defy disruption by building a 21st Century approach  to leadership.

  • Fresh ideas sourced from leading organisations around the globe, like Google, Apple and many more.

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Creating Thriving Futures

Dedicated to developing South Australia's long term financial and social prosperity by helping create tomorrow's leaders today.

The ability to extract maximum opportunity from complexity pays big dividends. A 2014 report by The Conference Board reveals that organisations whose leaders can operate effectively in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world are three times more likely to be in the top 20 percent of financial performance, compared to organisations lacking such leaders.
— Critical Capabilities for a Complex World - HBR 2015

Who i work with,

I work with senior leaders, managers and change makers who have the courage to envisage something better than   our current outdated working practices; leaders that want more for themselves, their teams and the organisation at large. 

"Pete is a superb coach if you wish to understand yourself better, and through this understanding become far more effective in life and far happier. Pete facilitates a shift in perspective by asking questions that help you confront yourself in a way that dramatically increases your flexibility. And flexibility is success. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete." Mario Simon, CEO @ Millward Brown Vermeer.

"Pete is a strategic thinker able to cut through to the very essence of complex issues and provide practical and ready to implement advice. His pragmatic and compassionate approach to helping his clients navigation the complexities of life, work and leadership is exceptional.. If you are seeking an Executive Coach and leadership development strategist able to evolve you and your organisation's leadership capacity towards more expansive, systemic and integrated ways of being, then Pete is the person to engage." Richard Harmer, CEO @ The Holos Group.

"Peter has got some great skills to look at a business from some unique perspectives which provides a more holistic view of the needs of an organisation. I enjoyed working with Peter to work with my own personal development goals. If you are looking for some fresh ideas that can be systematically delivered in your organisation then Peter is your man." Allan  English, Australian Philanthropist of the Year 2014 & CEO @ Silver Chef Pty Ltd.

"Pete worked with me as an Integral coach for 9 months of 2010. Having previously retained coaches, I started out thinking I knew what our journey had in store; I could not have been more wrong. With an intuitive blend of the wisdom traditions and Integrally-informed methodologies, my professional 'sticking points', which we focussed on transcending have been thoroughly explored, resisted, and ultimately integrated in my new way of being. It's all in a day's work for Pete, who goes about everything he does with verve and refreshing candour. I look forward to our ongoing adventures together".  Dr Adam Fletcher, CEO & Board Chairman @ Integrated Safety Support.

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