Lectica Assessments - Targeted leadership skills for a complex world

The Leadership Decision making Assemssment the only leadership assessment in the world that measuere a leaders capacity to lead in complexity and change.

Are you looking for any of the following? 

  1. A new way of assessing leadership and decision making capacity that corresponds to the increasing levels of complexity in the workplace.

  2. A recruitment tool for measuring an individuals capacity to execute their role based on task demands and people managed. 

  3. An approach and instrument statistically proven to double the amount of leadership development in a single year and clearly demonstrates ROI.

  4. A completely objective instrument that measures a leaders capability to work with complexity, innovate, and think strategically - that is not based on other peoples perceptions and biases. 

As you'll see form the videos below, Lectical assessments are the ONLY instruments that we know of that measures an individuals capacity to work with complexity. 

Some of the organisations currently using the LDMA to meet their leadership needs in a growingly  complex and disrupted market place.

About lectical assessments

During the last 20 years, scholars and practitioners in many disciplines have identified a growing gap between the complexity of the workplace and the capabilities of leaders. This gap has contributed to what we refer to as a complexity crisis, in which leaders are forced repeatedly to make decisions without an adequate understanding of their ramifications. We created the Leadership Decision Making Assessment - LDMA primarily to help fill this gap, but also have been using LDMA results to learn more about the nature of the gap itself and its root causes. 

The Complexity Gap


About the LDMA

The LDMA (Leadership Decision-Making Assessment) is a learning tool that supports the development of leaders' decision-making skills. It presents a real-world workplace dilemma, followed by a series of questions that ask leaders to discuss the nature of the problem, describe solutions, compare these solutions, and describe an ideal decision-making process for similar situations.

The LDMA was originally used specifically as a leadership development tool, but now is finding remarkable success in the following appellations.

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Transformational change

  • Hiring and recruitment

  • Leadership program architecture

  • Leadership development

  • Work force planning

  • Succession planning

  • Talent identification

What Does the LDMA measure ?

The LDMA focuses on three aspects of decision making:

Collaborative Capacity: the ability to bring together diverse perspectives to develop inclusive, innovative, and effective solutions.

Contextual Thinking: the ability to consider problems in terms of the broader systems and contexts in which they are embedded.

Cognitive Complexity: the ability to think well about complex issues.

The LDMA and Lectical assessments are currently in use by the flowing companies.

When the LDMA is embedded in leadership programs as a learning tool, it doubles (on average) the amount of skill development that takes place.

Importantly, this development leads to improved decison-making on the ground and predicts similar improvements in the performance of peers and subordinates.

Please contact me to know more about this revolutionary tool, and how it can improve your leadership performance.