V.U.C.A Leadership Development 

Skills for capitalising on a Volatile, Complex, Uncertain and Ambiguous workplace.

Welcome to V.U.C.A - The new normal. 

In a world that changes so rapidly it's hard to keep up and even more difficult to make effective decisions. With the increased pressure of global complexity coupled with the accelerating pace of change and digital disruption, it's no wonder managers and leaders are struggling to keep up. 

The symptoms are everywhere, whether it be the constant demand to attend endless meetings, or the seeming impossibility of coordinating key stakeholders in a room at the same time, you don't have to look to far to realise that things have changed. 

While the world of work has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, our approach to leadership and developing the capacities of leaders has remained virtually the same. So much so that currently less that 1% of senior leaders remain capable of executing their roles to maximum effect. 

Newly released research relating to leadership development and decision making is clearly indicating that length of service, sector knowledge and technical expertise - what we call horizontal capacity, is no longer allowing leaders to remain relevant or solve the complex problems we know face at work on a daily basis. It's becoming evident that we need to upgrade our leadership operating systems to match the level of change and a complexity we now face within our organisations daily. 

Vertical Development

To match the uncertainty and speed of the modern business environment we need a set of skills that allow us to harness possibility and master complexity while creating new ideas and business models. This form of new leadership is what the world is calling Vertical Development

The How-To of Vertical Development_img_3.jpg

In today's age it's no longer about about what you know, but how you...

  • Connect information to new possibilities

  • Master complexity and solve complex problems

  • Collaborate and innovate with key stakeholders

  • Network across organisational silos

  • Drive growth through key customer centricity

  • Create impact at every level of the business value chain

My leadership development programs are designed to capitalise and embrace the increasing level of global complexity. Designed with the key concepts of Vertical Development in mind, each program is carefully calibrated to each level of the organisation to which it is delivered. The result? Creating value and maximising organisational impact while creating a single future focused organisational culture. 


The Organisational Agility Program - meeting the needs of the 21st Century

A 12 month program delivered in six 3 day intensives (3 days every 2 months), designed with the latest thinking, models and approaches for organisational performance built on 4 key areas.


Systems Thinking - Our environment is more complex and inherently more interdependent than ever before, therefore mastering ways to unravel the confusion that surrounds us is key to developing the capacity and clarity to think in more systemic and effective ways; which leads to more effective individual and team decision making. My approach to solving these challenges involves building the following key leadership capacities: perspective taking, seeking and coordination, along with contextual thinking and colboaritive capacity. All of these powerful skills  increase a leaders capacity to remain resilient and future focused in times of constant change.

Agile Execution - The speed of change is continually increasing yet many organisational behaviours and mindsets remain focused on the past and what was. These outdated approaches to organisational functioning cause substantial impact to organisational performance and the bottom line. This program specifically focuses on creating new ways of learning, new approaches to project and team management that include agile technologies, customer centricity and strategic innovation. My approach to organisational change utilises new models that allow for value creation at all aspects of the organisational business chain - Employees, Executives, Suppliers, Shareholders and Customers.


Cultural Navigation - Organisations spend countless hours and a sizeable part of their budget trying to form one single organisational culture. Recent research suggests that not only is this approach ineffective, but it doesn't allow individuals to bring their best thinking and unique contribution to the organisation in question. My approach recognises that in any organisation there are many cultures and that teaching leaders the skills to navigate each subculture more effectively, delivers far greater results and creates impact at all levels of the business or organisation. 

Liberating Structures - Many of the core assumptions as to how a businesses should operate and be structured are currently being fundamentally re-evaluated and rewritten by contemporary approaches to organisational design. It is becoming clear that traditional hierarchical command and control structures of yesteryear are no longer agile enough to meet the demands of the modern markets. I focus on assisting organisations to become customer centric, lean and agile to assist businesses and organisations to avoid disruption and remain relevant into the future. 

To find out more about the Organisational Agility Program above or to speak about the opportunity for a custom designed or co-created approach to modern leadership using some of the most current and effective models and methodologies, please get in touch.