Innovation is not just about new products and services, it's about completely new ways of working.

I undertook the ‘Engagement’ leadership and innovation course with Pete as part of a program run by the Department of State Development. The content was engaging and relevant, a perfect mix of information and interaction. Pete covered a wide range of topics in a short time span that were relevant to everyone, from university students to members of industry, and academics. My participation in the course, and the skills that I developed, led me to secure an internship with a major Australian company.
— Patrick White, The Edge of Innovation - Engagement Program participant.

The Challenge

Many of our countries largest organisations and government departments that have been responsible for the foundation of our economy for so long are currently at a cross roads. Their continued legacy  on traditional markets, clients and approaches are no longer providing the value that they once did.

The consequence of this outdated view to modern business is a lack of capacity for many organisations to enter new markets, find new niches and uncover new ways to fuel our national economy. 

The symptoms of this retrospective view of the world for businesses are the same no matter the industry or sector, 

  1. Relying on traditional markets and products

  2. Relying on past success

  3. Trying to do the same thing, just longer faster and cheaper

  4. Minimal spending on research and development

  5. Declining market share and market relevance

While many organisations and businesses are perceptive of and directly feel the challenges listed above, many remain unsure about the solution or how to proceed or envisage new ways of working and seize new opportunities. 

The Solution - Innovate

My innovation programs are created to help organisations meet the demands of the 21st century market place by helping businesses and organisations...

  1. Create new products

  2. Locate new markets

  3. Spot or create new niches

  4. Seek new partnerships

  5. Create new ways off working

  6. Seek new ideas

  7. Prototype new products

To assist organisations to overcome the current economic obstacles from traditional ways of working, I can demonstrate an innovation program with three levels of engagement and focus; short, medium and long term. This three tier strategy allows organisations to pace their own innovation journey based on their capacity for change and desire for impact. 

The Edge of Innovation - Program Series

  • The Taster - 2 Days:  A two day innovation program designed to explore the fundamentals of innovation including; Ideation, Strategic Foresight, Niche Identification, Prototyping and Horizon Scanning. 

  • Engagement - 5 Days: Ideation, Strategic Foresight, Niche Identification, Prototyping, Horizon Scanning, Customer Empathy Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Idea on a Page Canvas, Agile Project Management and other approaches to leading change in complex times. 

  • Partnership - 12 Months:  While the innovation programs above allow clients to explore the basic concepts of innovation at the individual and team level, fostering a culture of innovation calls for  amore comprehensive approach. To enable the change to a large scale embedded culture of innovation, organisations need to think more holistically in order to create the thinking, behaviour and systems to foster an organisational shift. My partner program is specially designed to create viral innovation that systemically spreads throughout your entire organisation. 

To learn more about any of the programs below and how they can transform your organisation and create an innovation a culture please contact me

I am proud to be be delivering my "Engagement" innovation program to the Department of State Development in South Australia in conjunction with The Leaders Institute of South Australia, in support of building stronger relationships between university students and employers.