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How winning the new war on talent also builds Business Agility

This is the first in a series of blogs about winning the war on talent in the new world of work, ensuring your organisation is #FitfortheFuture.

There is a healthy consensus that the level of complexity in organisational life is increasing, and many organisations are currently struggling to meet the demands of this increasing level of complexity.

Let’s be honest, navigating constantly increasing change is challenging, and it’s becoming more so every day.

Some organisations that have a more progressive approach, Netflix, Google, Burtzorg and Haier for example, are confronting this inherent challenge by choosing to pursue alternative ways of working, to address organisational performance in today’s ever-changing world.

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Everywhere I go at the moment risk is floating in the winds, like an eagle telescopically focused on its next potential prey. The more I’m exposed to it, the less I see it as a genuine strategic problem mitigation mechanism, and more as an excuse. But an excuse for what? This is the twenty million dollar question.

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