Every so often a book comes along that changes the way you think about a certain subject. I've encountered a couple in my life, the first of which was Ken Wilber's Sex, Ecology and Spirituality. It contained ideas that were so revolutionary about the integration of mind, body and soul that I could literally feel my consciousness expanding with every turn of the page. It also made me ask the question "Is this actually possible?" Ken Wilber’s book was about the evolution of the personal domain. Reinventing Organisations is about the paradigm shifting evolution of the business domain.

Recently I have discovered anther, which coincidentally is endorsed by Wilber who penned the foreword. It's my personal opinion that the way in which we organise and structure business has remained virtually unchanged for many years. We are finally at the place where people are demanding more, there has to be different way.

There needs to be more to work and working life than the tyranny of hierarchy and command and control. Arguably this is why large numbers of the population are now leaving the corporate environment in order to pursue a more effective work/life balance with flexible conditions while (somewhat reluctantly) accepting the financial hit. Too many people out in the corporate world are finding it is no longer the polished diamond it once was.  

But what if you could have both?

Based on ‘Integral Theory’, Reinventing Organisations revisits the old adage (with a vengeance I might add)…What if you could have the corporate income and the freedom or freelance? Or what would an organisation need to look like and how would it function in order to achieve this?

That's what Reinventing Organisations is all about, among other things. It's about the changes we need to make to our mindset first of all and how we need to think about work differently. It invites you to move beyond thinking about work as just a means to an end, but rather a piece of the puzzle that is human evolution. 

It's powerful  messages lie not just in theory but includes real life case studies of how these new approaches and ideas are being initiated at scale right now around the world. How individual organisations (ones that are brave enough), are rethinking standard organisational structures and routines like work hours, remuneration and team work to deliver mutually beneficial work environments. 

If you're currently working in HR, or any other similarly related role, this is the book that will take you into the future. This book is the organisational game changer of our time and should not be missed by anyone who cares about organisational life. Some of the ideas are reasonably easy to apply, others big and bold. But it's an invitation none the less to create a better working life, without risking the all-important  bottom line for those willing to say "yes..... this is possible".