Breakthrough organisational silos by working together.

Business has changed significantly in the last 10 years yet most organisations remain fixated on traditional ways of working - The top-down approach. These traditional siloed approaches to organisational life not only limit employees creative potential, but stifle our capacity to innovative and be responsive to the market demands. Very few businesses are actually aware of how much impact outdated ways of working have on their bottom line. 

To put in simpler terms, can you imagine everyone in your business having a computer,  yet not having the internet to link them together?

It sounds ridiculous but that’s exactly how the people aspect of most organisations operate. In today's organisational environment very few departments speak to each other and when they do it's only in the cause of self serving agendas rather than seeing the bigger picture and collaborating for entire organisational benefit.

The Stats

The Challenge

Despite the increasing amount of technology, the inherited structure of organisations from the manufacturing era have left us with impenetrable siloes. Silos in which information cannot flow from one group of employees to another, leading to decreased organisational functioning and increasing project execution times and budget costs.  

This lack of coordination also often leads to the left hand failing to know what the right hand is doing, which leads to duplication, inefficiencies and poor customer experience.

Many of the challenges we face in today’s work environment are far too complex for one individual to solve, which means they require a collective intelligence and collaborative approach to solve.

In order to break through the silos and create collective intelligence we need a new approach to how information flows between people and systems that help facilitate it and reflects the following statements:

  1. Open and Transparent

  2. Simple and easy to use

  3. Builds the social fabric of the organisation

  4. Increases collaboration

  5. Promotes agile and response to the changing market

  6. Cost effective

  7. Promotes Innovation and uncovers opportunity

The Solution - CLOUD CULTURE

Working collaboratively and effectively in today’s business environment involves having lean software platforms that include the seven requirements listed above, but this alone is not enough to enable true collaboration.  

In order to succeed in the modern business environment, organisations need to upgrade traditional ways of working and the level of decision making to match the speed of today's business operations. This key shift enables organisations to implement key work functions and projects in more effective and efficient ways that match the speed of change we now encounter in the market. 

Some of these upgrades include:

  • New Meeting Structures - separating tactical and governance meetings

  • New Software Platforms

  • Cloud based Solutions

  • More effective ways of integrating all the three elements above into seamless ways of creating organisational impact. 

To find out more about these new ways of working and  how a forward thinking upgradable approach to business can impact your bottom line, please contact me for an obligation free conversation.